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"I was reading a journal entry from about a year ago.  I was in a low place in life with back pain and numbness in my left leg due to a herniated disk. Further, I felt depressed with the difficulty of living with IBS.  I had been to physical therapy, acupuncture and a spine surgeon for my back and a gastroenterologist for IBS.  I began to feel this would be my life going forward.  When I heard about the Health Coaching services of Wendy Norfolk at LuminantLiving, LLC, I decided to give it a try.  Within a two-week period of time, the exercises and back care tips Wendy taught me completely eliminated the back pain and numbness.  I was even able to get back to snow shoeing this past winter.  Wendy also worked with me teaching the causes of IBS and guided me through a detox diet and general education on digestive health.  My skeptical daughter wasn’t hopeful!  Today the IBS is under control and I am feeling free of the bloating, nausea and all the rest of the nasty IBS symptoms.  I highly and enthusiastically recommend the Health Coaching services of Wendy Norfolk."
                         -Donna B., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Wendy is the real deal! I called her wanting to lose weight. What I walked away with was the knowledge, courage and strength to take charge of what and how I eat and look at food. My scale is now in a box under my bed. She has a calmness about her that will help you believe you can make healthy choices because you are in fact worth it. Plus, she bakes a mean loaf of bread! If you are looking to make changes in your life, don't over think it, call Wendy!
                          -Tracy Reseigh, Lakewood, Colorado

"Two months ago I awoke with acute back pain that was going down my leg, and I quickly realized that it hindered my ability to walk or do daily chores.  On a friend's recommendation, I called Wendy.  Doing the simple exercises and suggestions that Wendy gave me, I gradually was relieved of my pain.  The exercises that Wendy gave me were very simple and safe.  They only took a few minutes each time I did them and some were incorporated into my daily activities.  I consider Wendy a well trained physical therapist with a great deal of knowledge in understanding painful back pain problems." 
-Mary A., Highlands Ranch, Colorado

Wendy, I’m so grateful for the 6 months we worked together on my health issues, and most especially for your patience as I explored underlying patterns that impacted my choices. I also really appreciate your using your knowledge of physical therapy to help with my foot/leg issues that hindered some of my attempts to exercise. Your ability to put together follow-up notes from our conversations, without even taking notes while we talked, was amazing and showed that you really paid close attention. I will make good use of the handouts you gave me, also. And thanks, too, for showing me how to use the exercise equipment in my basement, so that I can use it properly and in good form. You’re a second-mile kind of coach and I appreciate your efforts to help me make good choices."
                       -Michele Bartlett, Littleton, Colorado



"Wendy and I spent 6 months together in coaching. Her program was very helpful to me and I learned a lot about myself and health in general. Wendy is warm, knowledgeable, caring and 'no pressure.' I highly recommend her program to anyone looking to improve their health!"

                            -Dawn White, Denver, Colorado



"Wendy has a unique combination of skills - she's extremely knowledgeable about health and nutrition, she has in-depth knowledge about how the body works and she can communicate it in a way that does not make you feel bad about what you've done to date. She's very easy to work with and truly helps you improve, one step at a time. I highly recommend her."

                         -Joni Inman, Golden, Colorado

"I first met Wendy in November 2014 when she did a lunch and learn for my small business about the benefits of a heathy lifestyle and sent us a practical plan to improve our metabolism. Since then, several of us have been working with her twice a month to improve our overall health. Wendy helped me set and achieve the goals that make it possible for me to continue to run a business and take care of myself."
                    -Susan Fenske, Centennial, Colorado



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